Guest posting: On Election Season

November 7, 2016

(I’m guest posting today, at Missionary Mama – I’d love for you to stop in.)


This election season has proven exhausting and mostly discouraging if I am honest with you – I’d like to offer you some perspective.

There is no denying the personal impact this election has. For some, it is a referendum on the color of their skin and their place as citizens in our communities. For others, it is a referendum on life, the sanctity of it, in fact, the very definition of it. For many, there are fiscal and social policies in play that have a direct effect on their quality of life and how they provide for their families.

For me, the wife of an Army pilot, I watch on television two people jockeying for the position of Commander-in-Chief, seemingly full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. These people, whose authority and power stream across airwaves, trickling down levels of bureaucracy and rank until it pools on two sheets of cheap paper ordering my husband off to war. These people, whose knowledge includes nothing of time in uniform, whose goodbyes never carried the scent of sweat and blood, of sacrifice. And oh, I am sick and tired.

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Prayers for you tomorrow. (Or today, depending on when you read this!)


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